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              Welcome to Across Boundaries.

              We are leaders in providing equitable, holistic mental health and addiction services for racialized* communities.

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              Innovative, Inclusive + Holistic

              Across Boundaries provides a dynamic range of dignified, inclusive and compassionate mental health and addiction services for racialized communities that integrate:

              • Individual support

              • Psychiatric Consultation

              • Addictions and Wellness Services

              • Community outreach

              • Support groups, alternative and complementary therapies

              • Community kitchen

              • Skills building

              • Social and recreational activities


              A Safe Space

              Across Boundaries has a holistic approach to mental health care includes many of the same services offered by other mental health agencies, but is also anchored in an anti-racist, anti-Black racism and anti-oppression framework.

              SEE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU

              We speak your language

              Across Boundaries currently provides services in various languages.

              FOR MORE DETAILS

              Across Boundaries Partners with North Western Toronto Ontario Health Team (NWT OHT)

              The North Western Toronto Ontario Health Team (NWT OHT) and Across Boundaries are pleased to announce the partnership.

              LEARN MORE


              “When it comes to mental health and addictions, we are here. You do not have to struggle in silence.  Our qualified racialized staff will see that you get the help you need. It's time to make your mental health a priority.”

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              Our staff creates an environment where clients can develop the trust needed to speak openly about race, culture and discrimination. We believe that racism and mental health are intrinsically intertwined and must be addressed together.

              Across Boundaries helps other agencies and organizations to examine their own decision-making structure, policies and programs and offers training for staff to develop a more anti-racist practice.


              *Racialized: the term racialized person or racialized group is preferred over racial minority, visible minority, person of colour or non-White as it recognizes the dynamic and complex process by which racial categories are socially produced by dominant groups in ways that entrench social inequalities and marginalization.”
              — Ontario Human Rights Commission


              Ready to make a difference?

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